Fintech Robos Organises OECD Pension Event for MENA Region

Fintech Robos Organises OECD Pension Event for MENA Region

Manama— Bahrain:  The experience and learning curve of Western and developed markets with defined contribution (DC) pension systems will be showcased one more time to the Arab world through another pension event organised by Fintech Robos, Bahrain-based savings & pensions technology provider.

Fintech Robos and the OECD are partnering once again to launch “Pension Outlook 2022” Report in the MENA region. “Pensions Outlook” is one of two flagship bi-annual international pension reports and indexes produced by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) that provide detailed insights and recommendations on the design, implementation and operations of pensions system, both by the public and private sectors.

The event is a great opportunity for leaders and specialists of government pension funds, pension regulators, pension savings regimes, corporate employee pension funds, life insurance companies providing pension solutions, actuaries and economists who are looking to set up new pension schemes or products, or innovate in the space of national pension infrastructure.

The OECD Webinar will be held and live-streamed from Bahrain on Tuesday 14th February 2023, at 12 PM (Bahrain Time GMT +3). Participation is free of charge, and delegates can now register for the event at:

Leading OECD pension experts and authors of the “Pension Outlook 2022”, which include Pablo Antolin, Principal Economist at OECD’s Private Pension Unit, and Jessica Mosher and Stephanie Payet, both Policy Analyst at the OECD Private Pension Unit, will be presenting their findings at the Webinar and having a lively Q&A session with the audience from the Arab pension industry.

This edition of the OECD Pensions Outlook, published in December 2022, focuses on insights and best practice for designing, implementing managing non-guaranteed lifetime retirement income (defined contribution pension) arrangements.

In the past three years, OCED and Fintech Robos launched the “Pensions Outlook 2020” along with the “Pension at a Glance 2021” Reports in the MENA region, from Bahrain.

“Our partnership with the OECD to bring their unique global pension research and insights to the Arab world is part of our thought leadership and support to the forwarding thinking on pension development and reforms in the region,” said CEO of Fintech Robos and Chairman of the Arab Pensions & Social Insurance Conference, Ebrahim K Ebrahim.

“Our collaborative event with the OECD next month will be a great complement to the Arab Pension & Social Insurance Conference and the Arab Actuarial Conference which are annually organised by Fintech Robos for MENA’s pension and financial industries,” he added.