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B2B Solutions

Supply tailored, end-to-end digital solutions to provide and administer savings, investment and pensions plans.

Differentiate the offerings of our financial partners by amplifying customer engagement and providing state-of-the-art, gamified digital experience.

Minimize costs and complexities when it comes to IT infrastructure and front, middle and back-office operations, by outsourcing to our seamless, fluid services.

Provide partners with a competitive edge, by virtue of our tenured, expert know-how on savings, pensions and wealth management business.

Digital Products

Digital Saving App
Designed to enable you to provide a unique, ready-made and attractive long-term savings and wealth management product, enriching your financial offerings. The Fintech Robos savings platform is powered by goal-based calculator engines and great gamified customer experience. It is also API driven, which is why it ideally integrates as a plug and play solution
Digital Pensions App
Whether you are a bank, life insurance company, broker or a government pension organization, this App is designed to allow your customers or scheme members, through simple gamified tools, to plan and save for their retirement. The underlying pension engine empowers them to build and secure a supplementary income when they retire. The App is highly engaging and educating to customers and built with a technology that allows it to seamlessly integrate as a plug and play solution.
Robo Advisor platform
A front-line fintech solution that enables you to provide algorithm-driven financial advice for your affluent and mass customers. It is developed for banks, financial advisors, brokers and wealth managers seeking to upgrade their offering and user experience with a contemporary, on-the-move advisory for their customers
Admin App for ESP/ Private Pension Funds
This App has been designed to help with the full administration of Employee Savings Plan (ESP) and Private pension Funds for SMEs as well as large businesses providing this key benefit to their staff. With their deep know-how and streamlined processes, Fintech Robos has simplified ESP schemes, that are often complex and bureaucratic. The ESP Admin App automates all administrative operations of both members’ record management and investments. It offers an innovative service to plan members, and allows personalised educational support and communications.

Digital Services

FR Front Office
FR Front Office empowers financial institutions to fully automate the client relationships management in an intelligent and intuitive manner. The module transforms all client marketing, onboarding, engagement, advice, communications, client requests, reporting and management to digital operations, enhancing both operational efficiency and clients' user experience. The mobile-based, client-facing Front Office includes: Sophisticated savings and pension calculators. Fast and seamless onboarding process. Rich reporting dashboards. Ongoing account assessment. Setting savings goals and tracking them. Easy retirement planning. Portfolio management tools. Attractive and sophisticated interface.
FR Middle Office
FR Middle Office is an intuitive and integrated engine, intended for automating the entire trade transactions, investment operations, accounting, reconciliation and client portfolio reporting. By digitizing the entire middle-office operations and processes, financial institutions are able to achieve flawless operation, cut costs and expand distribution, thus focusing their energy on monitoring workflow and enriching client engagement. The Middle-Office technology module covers: Client requests management. Operations workflow & processing dashboard. Portfolio monitoring dashboard. Client and organization data and documents management Product management functionality. Reconciliation dashboard. Cash balances dashboard.
FR Backend Trading Engine
This is a high-end, proprietary data management system from Fintech Robos, encompassing digital warehouse, multi-provider APIs and interfaces that allow financial providers to offer a diversified array of investment products. It supports institutions to start building big data and getting deeper insights into their business. The backend digital engine handles: Automated end-to-end trading cycle including trade aggregation, disaggregation and request tracing. Delay trade management. Customized strategy configuration. Rebalancing level options (Client/ portfolio/strategy). Individual and advisor client record management. Multi-bank record management.Flexible charging structure. Reconciliation of currency conversion, cash, trade, units and positions. Compliance, Tax data management and Reporting. Trading across all asset classes. Multi-product, multi-currency and multi-custodian platform. Rich API library.

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