Arab Pensions Conference Moves to Sharm Elsheikh

Arab Pensions Conference Moves to Sharm Elsheikh

Manama— Bahrain:  The Arab Pensions Conference, progressing in its sixth edition and growing into a main regional platform where the pension and investment industries meet, will be hosted in Sharm El-Sheikh this year, in a move that will see the event, that first started in Bahrain, shifts to a different city within the Arab world every year.

A one-of-a-kind event organised by Fintech Robos, the Bahrain-based savings and pension technology provider, the Arab Pensions Conference 2022 will be held on the 28th and 29th September, in partnership with the Egyptian government represented by its Ministry of Finance, Financial Regulatory Authority, National Organisation of Social Insurance, and the Insurance Federation of Egypt.

“After two years of lockdowns, we can finally get back to doing what we all love: getting together again. Yes, business conventions are back, and Fintech Robos is organizing the first regional pension gathering with actual attendance, offering ample networking opportunities for our 500+ delegates,” said Ebrahim K Ebrahim, CEO of Fintech Robos and Chairman of the conference, adding that the city of Sharm El-Sheikh will give our participants an incredible welcome, and will help make the conference a great experience.

Under the theme of’ ‘Arab Pensions Outlook 2050 – Change and Opportunity’, the conference will feature 45 global and regional speakers who will discuss the long-term components of a vital ‘social insurance and pension framework’ as the world faces social and economic cross-roads. AON, Smart Pensions, CEM Benchmarking and FNZ Group, the world’s largest pension and wealth provider outside the US market, have been the first to support this event as Platinum sponsors.

Concerns about public finance and shortfalls in funding levels of social insurance systems have been reported in most Arab countries in the last two decades, with a continuing long-term financial pressure from ageing. The size of the working-age population is projected to fall by more than one-quarter by 2060.

“Social insurance or a dignified retirement is something that everyone and every household aspires to, whether they are in the formal or informal sector. In the MENA region, 60% of the populations are not under any social insurance umbrella till today,” said Mr. Ebrahim.

With topics spanning social protection policies and pension reforms, demographic trends and longevity, coverage, pension modelling, actuarial assumptions, investment strategies, funding and sustainability, and risk management, as well as the increasing use of technology – the Arab Pensions Conference will equip, inform and encourage participants to power the change they want to see.

“We are THE only platform in the MENA region that’s ‘for and by’ pension professionals. We are bringing together regional pension funds and global financial organisations to create awareness and a lively pension debate, both at institutional and social levels,” he said.

Over the years, the event has brought together thousands of professionals and organisations that are redefining the pension industry.

The conference has been attracting a great line-up of speakers from global think-tanks, government pension funds, regional financial institutions, actuaries, asset managers, insurers, and HR leaders every year.

The objective is to spread awareness on pension dynamics, structures and issues that affect the resilience, adequacy and sustainability of both private and public pension systems and their infrastructure.

Mr. Ebrahim elaborated that what really makes this event important among global pension conferences is the participation of all key actors in the sector, including pension funds, international economic institutions, asset managers, actuary and audit firms and the financial industry. It also links pensions with HR management in terms of employee benefits, employee engagement, and related technologies.

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