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Twice over, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation & Development “OECD” – has come to the MENA region for a pension event hosted by Fintech Robos, the Bahrain-based provider of savings & pensions technology. 


The “Pensions Outlook Report 2022”, one of the world’s flagship bi-annual pension reports produced by the OECD, was launched in the MENA region via a virtual conference on the 14th of February, at 12 PM (GMT +3), live-streamed from Bahrain. The Report was presented and discussed by its authors with the audience of the pension industry in the Arab world.


Pensions Outlook Report 2022 combines the most recent statistics and insights of the latest developments of the pension policies and systems in OECD Countries. The analysis covers trends in retirement income in both public and private systems.

The key topics covered in the event were: policy guidance on developing asset-backed pension arrangements; the design and introduction of non-guaranteed lifetime retirement income; and employers’ role in the provision of asset-backed pension arrangements.

  • التاريخ : فبراير 14, 2023
  • الوقت : 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (Asia/Bahrain)
  • المكان : Webinar

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