Arab Pensions and Social Insurance Conference 2022

After more than 2 years of lockdowns, this was the first regional pension gathering with physical attendance, with around 500 delegates, and ample learning and networking opportunities.

We’ve brought the entire social insurance and retirement industry (both public and private pension sectors) and their associated service providers – asset managers, investment solution providers, actuaries, risk analysts, benchmarking, trustees, fintech and technology providers – all under one roof.

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العروض التقديمية

أجندة المؤتمر

9:00 ص - 10:20 م

الجلسة 1

ملاحظات إفتتاحية

H.E. Mr. Adel Al Asoom H.E. Mr. Adel Al Asoom Arab Parliament Speaker
H.E. Maj. Gen. Gamal Awad H.E. Maj. Gen. Gamal Awad Chairman of the National
Organisation of Social Insurance
Major General Khaled Fouda Major General Khaled Fouda Governor of South Sinai
H.E. Ms. Nivine El-Qabbage H.E. Ms. Nivine El-Qabbage Minister of Social Solidarity, Egypt
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait Minister of Finance of Arab Republic of Egypt
H.E. Lieutenant Dr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa H.E. Lieutenant Dr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa Chairman of the Supreme Council
for Health, and Chairman
of Al-Hekma Retired Society.
10:20 ص - 11:20 ص

الجلسة 2

- Pension Economics & Spending by 2050

Dr. Majed Al Helou Dr. Majed Al Helou Chairman & CEO,
Pension Fund, Palestine
Dr. Adel Sultan Dr. Adel Sultan CEO, Libyan Social
Security Insurance Company,
Dr. George Maarawi Dr. George Maarawi General Director, Ministry of Finance, Lebanon
Prof. Gamal Shahata Prof. Gamal Shahata Dean of Business College, Cairo University, Egypt
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Maait Minister of Finance of Arab Republic of Egypt
11:40 ص - 12:40 م

الجلسة 3

Challenges and Reforms for the Delivery of Sustainable Pensions in the Arab World

Dr. Kamel Maddori Dr. Kamel Maddori Director General,
Social Security Fund
for Public Sector, Tunisia
Mr. Abdulla Al Sheleki Mr. Abdulla Al Sheleki GM of Communication Channels,
General Organization for Social Insurance,
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mohammad Karaki Dr. Mohammad Karaki Director General,
Social Security Fund for
Government Sector, Lebanon
Mr. Sami Abdulhadi Mr. Sami Abdulhadi Vice Chairman, NOSI, Egypt
H.E. Maj. Gen. Gamal Awad H.E. Maj. Gen. Gamal Awad Chairman of the National
Organisation of Social Insurance
12:40 م - 1:40 م

الجلسة 4

The Tale of Two Worlds of Pension

Mr. Csaba Feher Mr. Csaba Feher Senior Economist,
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Mr. Mohammed Soudi Mr. Mohammed Soudi Vice Chairman, NOSI, Egypt
Mr. Uluc Icoz Mr. Uluc Icoz Vice President, Insurance & Private Pension Regulation & Supervision Authority (SEDDK), Turkey
2:40 م - 3:50 م

الجلسة 5

Going Beyond Equality to Equity

Dr. Mohamed Al Owni Dr. Mohamed Al Owni Adviser to the Assistant
Governor for Insurance
Affairs, GOSI, Saudi Arabia
Mr. Haitham Taher Mr. Haitham Taher MD, MetLife, Egypt
William Price William Price Senior Advisor, UN Capital Development Fund, UN
Andrew Reilly Andrew Reilly Pension Analyst
Anush Bezhanyan Anush Bezhanyan Regional Manager, Social Protection & Jobs, MENA
3:50 م - 5:00 م

الجلسة 6

Impact of COVID-19 on social insurance systems

Mr. Emad Nasr Mr. Emad Nasr Chairman,
Human Power Association, and Board Member at American Chamber of Commerce, Egypt
Dr. Idris Al Mubrook Dr. Idris Al Mubrook Chairman, Libyan Social
Security Fund, Libya
Mr. Abdulaziz Al Shaikh Mr. Abdulaziz Al Shaikh Director of Insurance &
Actuarial Research, General Organization for
Social Insurance, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Youssef Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Youssef Head of Experts Committee,
National Organisation of
Social Insurance, Egypt
Ms. Laila Al Moshneb Ms. Laila Al Moshneb Social Inclusion Adviser, US AID Agency, Egypt
9:30 ص - 10:40 ص

الجلسة 7

IT Platforms for Social Insurance & Pension Systems

Maj. Gen. Faheem Idris Maj. Gen. Faheem Idris Advisor to the Chairman
on Digital Transformation,
NOSI, Egypt
Mr. Christian Pedak Mr. Christian Pedak Founder & CEO,
Lamie, Austria
Mr. Asim Al Jareed Mr. Asim Al Jareed d, Director of Registration
& Subscription Solutions,
GOSI, Saudi Ara
Mr. Sam Barton Mr. Sam Barton Chief Technology Officer, Smart Pension, UK
Ms. Nahla Osman Ms. Nahla Osman Program Manager, Atos
Eng. Khaled El Attar Eng. Khaled El Attar Deputy Minister for Administrative
Development, Digital Transformation
and Automation, Egyp
10:40 ص - 11:40 ص

Session 8

Managing Private Pension Funds: How Complex Can it be?

Mr. Tarek Sakr Mr. Tarek Sakr Investment Manager, Egypt Air Pension Fund, Egypt
Mr. Hicham Abouyoub Mr. Hicham Abouyoub Managing Director & Board Member, Wafa Life Insurance, Egypt
Mr. Hazem Abdelrahman Mr. Hazem Abdelrahman CEO & Chief Actuary, Equevu, UAE
Ebrahim K. Ebrahim Ebrahim K. Ebrahim المؤسس والرئيس التنفيذي
12:00 م - 1:20 م

Session 9

The Art and Science of Actuarial Assumptions

Mr. Ahmed Rashwan Mr. Ahmed Rashwan Actuary & Member of Experts
Counsel, NOSI, Egypt
Ms. Montserrat PallaresMiralles Ms. Montserrat PallaresMiralles Senior Social Protection Economist, World Bank
Dr. Mohammed Abdelmonem Jowdah Dr. Mohammed Abdelmonem Jowdah Chairman of Insurance
& Actuarial Sciences,
Cairo University, Egypt
Mr. Abdelfattah El Gebally Mr. Abdelfattah El Gebally Al Ahram Research Centre,
Simon Herborn Simon Herborn Associate Partner
2:20 م - 3:30 م

Session 10

Post-Pandemic Investing: Where Now? War in Europe, Global Trade Issues and Geopolitics

Ms. Anastasia Anastassiades Ms. Anastasia Anastassiades Associate Partner, AON, Cyprus
Mr. Ahmed Abou El Saad Mr. Ahmed Abou El Saad CEO, Azimut Egypt
Asset Management, Egypt
Mr. Mohamed Mejai, Mr. Mohamed Mejai, Director, Investments Department, Islamic Development Bank
Karim Chedid Karim Chedid Head of Investment Strategy for iShares EMEA
3:30 م - 4:40 م

Session 11

Should Pension Funds Search for Higher Yield?

Mr. Gaurav Malik Mr. Gaurav Malik Chief Investment Strategist, SSGA, USA
Mr. Mike Heale Mr. Mike Heale Co-founder and Head of Business Development, CEM Benchmarking, USA
Mr. Amr Raouf Mr. Amr Raouf Executive Director,
NOSI Investment Fund,
Ms. Mai Abdel Hamid Ms. Mai Abdel Hamid CEO, Social Housing and Finance Support Fund, Egypt
Abdulatif Alseif Abdulatif Alseif Co-founder, Managing Director
  • التاريخ : سبتمبر 28, 2022 - سبتمبر 29, 2022
  • الوقت : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Africa/Cairo)
  • المكان : Rixos Seagate Premium

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